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Ballots will be mailed to registered voters July 22. Return completed ballots by mail or in-person by August 13.
  • What is the Good Life District and how long will it exist?
    The 875-acre district includes land bordering Highway 281 from 13th Street to Capital Avenue and the undeveloped area northeast of Webb Road and Capital Avenue to the Veterans Athletic Complex. The area could expand in the future if approved by the Nebraska Department of Economic Development. The district will exist for 30 years. The state sales tax rate for the portion of the district within city limits will reduce from 5.5% to 2.75% on Oct. 1.
  • How will the district help economic development?
    The state approved Grand Island’s district on June 5, but voters must decide whether the city should replace the 2.75% sales given up by the State with a local sales tax of the same amount. Rather than going to the State, your vote FOR the Good Life District Program will allow proceeds from the replacement tax to remain in Grand Island, transforming Grand Island for the benefit of our residents. It’s projected the first year alone will generate at least $7 million in local sales tax revenue.
  • What kind of developments are planned?
    Projects on the drawing board include a comprehensive indoor/outdoor sports complex, other recreational facilities, commercial/retail development, and housing.
  • What are voters being asked to approve?
    Voters are being asked to approve Grand Island’s Good Life District Economic Development Program and replacing the 2.75% of state sales tax with 2.75% in local sales taxes in the portion of the Good Life District that’s within city limits. This will not affect existing local sales tax or result in higher sales tax. A portion of the existing state sales tax will instead go to the city for development within the district. The city will decide which projects will benefit.
  • What if voters don’t approve the program?
    The Good Life District would see less development than would occur if the program is approved. That would result in lower tax receipts for the city. Also, the total tax rate for sales within the district would be 2.75% less than the tax rate elsewhere in the Grand Island.
  • Who benefits from the program?
    Every property owner or developer in the Good Life District will be able to apply for benefits from the program. The city will also be able to use funds for infrastructure related to the district. The city will evaluate applications and decide how the money is spent with an eye toward transformational development.
  • Do property owners in the district still control their property?
    Any property owner who doesn’t want to take advantage of the program is free to develop (or not develop) their property without regard to the Good Life District, subject to the city’s zoning rules and other similar restrictions.
  • Can property be removed from the district?
    Property can be removed from the Good Life District by request of the original applicant under limited circumstances but only after a public hearing and evaluation of the reasons by the Nebraska Department of Economic Development.
  • Will property taxes be used for the Good Life District?
    No property taxes can be levied for the program, nor can the city use property taxes or local sales taxes levied outside the district to pay for the program.
  • Will the Good Life District affect Tax Increment Financing (TIF)?
    No, the rules Tax Increment Financing will not change. TIF will continue to operate separately.
  • Will this negatively impact Grand Island Public Schools?
    Nothing in the Good Life District statutes impacts the school district or school district funding. People drawn to Grand Island by projects within the district are expected to be short-term visitors rather than new residents.
  • What about city costs?
    City costs for operating the program will be paid for with funds raised through the program itself. Property taxes and other city funds are not expected to be impacted. The city’s existing 2% local sales tax will remain in effect for the Good Life District, which means any enhanced sales tax revenues will benefit the city’s finances more broadly.
  • Who gets to vote in this special election?
    Registered voters who live in the city limits of Grand Island will receive a ballot via the United States Postal Service the week of July 22. Completed ballots must be received by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, August 13, 2024.
  • What is the actual wording on the ballot?
    Here is a sample ballot.
  • Where can I drop off my ballot?
    If you are dropping off your ballot in person, do so at the Election Commission office in the Hall County Administration Building, 121 South Pine Street. The building is a block south of City Hall (See map below). There is also a drop box at the east entrance of the Administration building. DO NOT TAKE BALLOTS TO CITY HALL.


This is a special election. Ballots will be mailed to registered voters on July 22. Return your ballot by mail or deliver by hand to the Hall County Administration Building by August 13. We recommend mailing by August 6th.

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