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Our Work

27 projects have been initiated totaling over $6.2M. Collectively, this work is impactful for community growth and vitality.


Community Development

Our work is geared around enhancing our area with the amenities and assets that draw people to live, work and play here.

Projects such as Amur Plaza, Conestoga Marketplace, hike/bike trail expansion to Mormon Island, and the addition of an Olympic Bunker Trap at the Heartland Shooting Park, are examples of how we partner for community development.

Business Development

Economic vitality is essential for both existing business to thrive, new businesses to put down their stake here, and to spark entrepreneurs to rise up.

Projects such as Look Local Grow Local and Future Builders, as well as the many project in our Railside District are examples of ways we work to spur our economic climate.


Workforce Development

Hand in hand with business development is workforce development.  We work to upskill our existing workers, as well as attract new talent.  

Projects such as EDGE, Degree-Based Internships, Elevate, and Targeted Talent Attraction are examples of partnerships that strengthen our workers and our businesses.

Image Development

We want Grand Island to be a great place to live, work and play.  Our best ambassadors are those who have already made that choice.  Our best assets are those that make our area attractive.

GRAND life, Event Incentive Fund, and the many public art projects we have supported are good examples of how we put out our welcome mat.


Livable Community Network

Quality of life for people of all ages and abilities is essential for growth and prosperity.  Since 2018, Grow Grand Island has facilitated Grand Island's engagement in AARP's Livable Community Network.

Areas of emphasis in our Community Action Plan include housing, transportation, health services/community support, outdoor spaces and civic engagement/employment.

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