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Conestoga Marketplace is ahead of schedule!

It isn’t easy to turn a 1970’s building inside out, but the developer, Woodsonia, reports that they are ahead of schedule at Conestoga Marketplace.  There are probably many entities in the scheme of the project to credit, to include contractors, subcontractors, participating businesses—and don’t forget about old-fashioned luck—but this is just plain good news for all of us who live or visit here.


May is a pivotable month as the project concludes phase one and moves on to phase two.  In addition to demolition, phase one included the east side stores, which are projected to be completed and open next month.  Phase two includes demolition of the remaining southern mall, which should be fully demolished by the end of June so new development can begin.


One of the most exciting elements of the project we can look forward to is B&B Theaters.  As reported by The Independent in early March, “B&B will build a seven-screen theater with heated and reclining seats.  The facility will also include a 10-lane bowling alley, a 7,000-square-foot arcade, four full-size pickleball courts and a restaurant with a full-service bar.”  In that same article, B&B announced they are hoping to open in 2024.


It goes without saying that the transformation of our dear old Conestoga Mall into new-age Conestoga Marketplace has taken a toll on some of us.  It is human nature to dislike inconvenience and change.  It is hard to wait for something that takes a long time to accomplish.  And, when you have to go somewhere else to get/do something you feel you shouldn’t have to, you grumble.


The encouragement I offer today is to remind you to that it is ok to grumble and not like the wait, but to also remind you that great things are coming soon and you will find new ways to enjoy shopping, eating, and playing at Conestoga Marketplace.  Plus, it is ahead of schedule!!

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