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What's on Your Grand Island Wish List?

Whether you live, work, or play here, Grow Grand Island wants to hear from you. We have three simple questions for you to answer: 1) What should be in Grand Island that isn’t here today? 2) What should you be able to do in Grand Island that you can’t do today? 3) What should be different, removed or improved in Grand Island?

We welcome your input as we look to refresh our program of work. Our original program of work came out of the visioning efforts that took place in 2014. At that time, many in our community engaged in creating a wish list of sorts—identifying what would make our grand community even better.

Here we are in 2023, almost 10 years later. We’ve grown, we’ve changed, we’ve been through a pandemic. So, it is time to reassess where we are and where we want to be. As you look toward the year 2030, what’s on your Grand Island wish list?

The Grow Grand Island Executive Committee is holding a visioning retreat on October 12. We will be looking at state and local data; we will be looking at goals established by the state and the City; we will be looking at projects that are already in the works and how they impact the quality of life and economic vitality of our community. What’s missing is your voice.

Community engagement is typically the missing ingredient when cooking up a vision. It is the secret sauce that makes the recipe for success more delicious. That is why we are extending this invitation and keeping the questions straightforward and easy to get to. Just visit and click on the “wish list survey” button.

The survey will be available through October 8. Take it yourself. Tell your friends and family to share their thoughts as well. The more the merrier! Then, follow Grow Grand Island on Facebook for updates.

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